Friday, July 24, 2020

Servant of God Rozalia Celak, Apostle of Jesus Christ the King

Catholic Poland Christ the King Rozalia Celak mercy

We would like to present to the United States' society the personality of the Servant of God Rozalia Celak who - together with Saint Sister Faustyna preaching God's mercy to the world - may have an enormous impact on the future fate of the Church and the world. Rozalia speaks on behalf of God to modern societies pointing at God's imminent wrath and disclosing a way to salvation.

A little daughter Rózia, the eldest of eight children, was born on the 9th of September 1901 to Joanna and Tomasz Celak in the Polish village of Jachówka, near Maków Podhalański. Her pious parents provided her with sound religious education. It was very early that the child intuitively realized that Virgin Mary wished to lead her along a spiritual path of God's Kingdom. Before Jesus first visited her heart in the Eucharist, she had already had love for Him nurtured by Our Lady.

She always recollected with great sentiment the day of her First Holy Communion. It was when preparing for that grand event that Rozalia had her first mystical experience. She heard in her heart a voice full of love: 'My child, love me since my Heart loved you first, love me for the whole world. I shall extend the space of your heart and fill it with love so that you could reciprocate my love.' Jesus present in the Eucharist and Virgin Mary gradually became her whole world.

She went through her first trials at the age of 16. She had to endure a spiritual struggle and physical suffering. Suddenly, she came down with a serious, unknown disease which could not be diagnosed. She was bed-ridden for a month and could not get up on her own. Where did she look for help? She referred to the Person she loved so much. She said the Novena to Suffering of Virgin Mary and on the ninth day of the novena Our Lady came to her rescue. As suddenly as she fell ill, Rozalia recovered to everybody's surprise. Suffering caused by the disease was a landmark in her life. During her illness, after much pondering, she understood that suffering lead to holiness and that holiness was based on love. The physical suffering strengthened her against approaching, more serious spiritual pain.  (more...)


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