Monday, July 27, 2020

CSIS again caught flouting the rule of law

Canada CSIS lawlessness rule of law crime impunity

Late last week, the director of Canada’s spy agency made me laugh, long and hard.

David Vigneault said something that every other Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) director (save one) has said after it’s been revealed — inside or outside a courtroom — the spies who ultimately report to the country’s chief spy have a corrosive habit of treating the rule of law like a disposable dishrag.

Vigneault was obliged to dish out the service’s standard PR gruel after Federal Court Justice Patrick Gleeson found that CSIS has “a cavalier institutional approach” to the rule of law.

“Having approved operations that were on their face illegal, the service then collected information which in turn was put before this court in support of warrant applications, without notifying the court of the likely illegality,” Justice Glesson wrote.

Translation: CSIS broke the law and didn’t tell outsiders, including a federal court judge it’s required, by law, to tell when it’s apparently breaking the law.  (more...)


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