Monday, May 18, 2020

The Internationalists: The Ukrainian Diaspora and The Bandera Lobby

An amateur found footage documentary mini-series, called "The Inter-Nationalists,"  about the OUN-B and Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.


OUN-B ABN Ukraine Bandera Mujahedeen cold war Canada fascism Nazi politics


  1. The Nazis apologists will never admit guilt. Sadly, they are being encouraged by some of the worst globalists in their fanatical hatred of Russia. An interesting development is the support some internationalist Jews and organizations are give providing for Banderites. Mutual hatred of Russia will not resolve the problems out standing since the War. Unfortunately, here in Canada, Ukrainian nationalist fanatics and Nazi apologists (including Chrystia Freeland) are given a pass, as Russophobia is in fashion; driven by a rage that the Russian Orthodox Church is in the ascendant, and that it is making a firm stand against many of the monstrous evils promoted by the non-Christian (even violently anti-Christian) western "mis" leaders. This would include the pathetci Freeland, in reality a mere puppet in the hands of the globalists.

  2. Having lived in the globalist crosshairs, I appreciate the bravery of Moss Robeson and other descendants of the Eastern European diaspora who have resisted the puppet masters that stalk us. I can affirm that the agenda of the fascist international couldn't be further from the defense of "Christian Europe". The Nazis came back as a religion, and its gods are demons.