Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Coup in Poland: Moscow, Berlin and other foreign powers attempting to overthrow Polish government

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The current conflict around Poland's presidential election date is not about the date itself or the method of voting. What it actually concerns are foreign state actors attempting to overthrow Poland's government during a pandemic and economic crisis with the belief that Poland's opposition poses less of a threat.

Using a variety of methods, these foreign powers are attempting to destabilize the Polish state to realize their goal.

Poland's opposition politicians seem to forget that Poland lies in a very specific geographical area in Europe. Not all countries are sympathetic towards us. Ever since Law and Justice (PiS) won elections in 2015, some European capitals have been dreaming of the return to power of Poland's political forces subordinate to Berlin, Brussels, and Moscow.

Currently, divisions within opposition parties are so strong that they reject the possibility of creating a new government. In the end, disdain for Jarosław Kaczyński is not enough to construct a different government majority. Poland could soon enter a period of state paralysis during a period where its citizens and economy most need an efficient government to see them through the crisis.

Moscow, Berlin and Brussels are aware of this.  (more...)

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