Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Neo-Nazis from across Europe rally in Budapest

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Budapest, Hungary - While the rest of Europe commemorates 75 years of being freed from the scourge of Adolf Hitler, an estimated 600 neo-Nazis from across the continent met up in a Budapest park on Saturday to mourn.

They gathered in Hungary's capital for what they call the "Day of Honour", commemorating an attempted breakout by besieged Nazi forces in 1945. Draped in black and carrying flags of their respective far-right movements from across Europe, they laid wreaths to honour the Nazis and their collaborators who they call "heroes".

"We have the same enemies today, like we did 75 years ago," Matthias Deyda, from German far-right group Die Rechte, told the crowd on Saturday. "The enemy isn't named Muller or Mayer. No, our enemy is named Rothschild or Goldman and Sachs."  (more...)



  1. I never understand why people like these are called "far right".
    I'm on the right, very conservative, but I have nothing in common with these people.

    1. The left/right dialectic is a masonic device for clouding the mind and enslaving it to modernist ideologies. Run from the indoctrination machine in our schools and media.