Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Coors Connection, Old Nazis, The New Right and The Republican Party: Fascist Lobbies in America

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Fascism is on the rise across the planet. However this is not necessarily a new phenomenon.  As Russ Bellant reveals in in his classic books “The Coors Connection” and “Old Nazis, The New Right, and the Republican Party”, fascism has always been an active force in American politics. Bellant’s books also offer clues to the rise of fascism in places like Ukraine. Not only did the United States and Britain recruit fascist war criminals during and after World War 2, they actually invited them to immigrate to the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, instead of these fascist war criminals hiding out and keeping a low profile they were instead incorporated into America’s Republican party and became a powerful lobby both during and after the cold war. They became a key element in the CIA psychological warfare campaign against the Soviet Union. Worse, as the Soviet Union was being destroyed the CIA and the NED funded the return of these fascists to their homelands to recreate fascist parties. In the case of Croatia and more recently Ukraine they were with the help of the CIA and NED allowed to seize power. They were allowed to shape America’s Policy through lobbies like the American Security Council. They were part of a global network of fascist exiles, terrorists, death squads and drug dealers that made up the infamous World Anti-Communist League or WACL that I discussed in two earlier articles.

However, the power of America’s fascist lobbies did not only affect those living in Eastern Europe. As Russ Bellant discusses in the Coors Connection America’s home grown fascists were the true motor behind the Reagan Counter-Revolution of the 1980’s which sent America and the rest of the world on the path to the economic disaster we all face.   (more...)

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