Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mobster's New Book: I Helped Murder Pope John-Paul I

Catholic Vatican banks finance corruption business crime assassination Mafia

... I'd like to give a big "thank you," because it concerns a subject that I have written about, in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, that subject being what I have called "the hidden system of finance." In this case, the story concerns an alleged member of the Mafia, Anthony Raimondi, a nephew of the notorious America mob boss, Lucky Luciano, and his claims stated in his recent "tell all" book, When the Bullet hits the Bone, that he was part of a team that had murdered Pope John-Paul I (Albino Cardinal Luciani), who was pope for a mere 33 days. Pay attention to that number, because we'll be getting back to that...


Now before I get to today's high octane speculation, it's necessary for me to lay my cards on the table: I do not believe, and have never believed the idea that Pope John-Paul I simply died quietly in his sleep. I do believe, and have always believed, that John-Paul I was murdered, and murdered precisely for his probable knowledge of, and determination to eliminate, the financial corruption in and around the Vatican bank and its connections. There are a number of "contextual" stories and events at that time that would indicate such. John-Paul I was the Cardinal Archbishop and Patriarch of Venice when he was elected Pope... let that one sink in for a moment. And since we're mentioning weird coincidences, perhaps it is more than a little significant that Mr. Raimondi is a nephew of Lucky Luciano, whose surname bears an uncomfortably close clannish similarity to that of the murdered Pope. In any case, in 1978, during John-Paul's brief pontificate, both Italy and the Vatican were poised on the cusp of the notorious P2 Masonic lodge scandal, which would break out in 1981 when Italian financial authorities, probing the finances of  Italian banker Michele Sindona, discovered links to the lodge, which in turn had deep links into the Vatican, and the Vatican bank. In the culture of corruption that is in my opinion Grand Orient masonry, the number 33 has especial status and significance... interesting that John Paul I  was murdered on the 33rd day of his pontificate.  (more...)

Catholic Vatican banks finance corruption business crime assassination Mafia


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