Monday, October 14, 2019

The Rainbow Swastika: A Report to the Jewish People About New Age Antisemitism

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Welcome to one Jew's analysis of a Kinder, Gentler Final Solution.

The links below will take you behind the scenes of a worldwide phenomenon which is familiar to all, but is seldom recognized for what it is -- and certainly not among the Jewish people.

This phenomenon has triggered a "paradigm shift" that is pregnant with a brand of antisemitism both new and frighteningly familiar.  It has carried its seeds throughout our global environment to the point where you will be tempted to disbelieve what you are reading.  That's fine -- be skeptical; check it out for yourself.  Everything is documented.

The most shocking thing is that this warning has been sounding since 1980. Why haven't the Jews heard about it before?  Because the warning was coming from Christians, and we Jews don't pay attention to anything that might contain a possible proselytizing message.  So we've missed it.

But why haven't more Jews been sounding their own warning over the last 20 years? Beats me. Ask your rabbi or Jewish community leader. I'd like nothing better than to be able to link kindred sites to mine. But I know of exactly three serious Jewish researchers besides myself, from a community of extremely well-educated millions... and none of these have made their work available on line.  (more...)


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