Friday, July 5, 2019

Stalinist Purges and More in the Knights of Malta: New Fast-Breaking Developments

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On 16 May OnePeterFive described the takeover of power in the Order of Malta by the German, secularizing party led by the Grand Chancellor, Baron von Boeselager. The story goes back to December 2016, when the then Grand Master, Fra Matthew Festing, attempted to dismiss Boeselager. The latter got Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, to intervene and annul the Order’s acts. Next, in January 2017, Pope Francis ordered Fra Matthew to resign as Grand Master, and Boeselager was reinstated. In 2018 Boeselager insisted on the election as Grand Master of a nonentity, Fra Giacomo dalla Torre, who is now the figurehead for Boeselager’s regime. Then, last May, the takeover was completed by the elections to the new government of the Order, which amounted to the total victory of the German party. As OnePeterFive revealed, the list that the Germans presented was elected almost unchanged: all four of the high officers of the Order, five out of the six other members of the Sovereign Council, and all six members of the Government Council, which has an ancillary role.

Within weeks, any thoughts that this absolute power might be exercised with discretion and moderation have gone by the board. In Portugal, an emissary of the Grand Magistry has arrived, dismissed the entire council of the Portuguese Association, and appointed a new council by fiat, in defiance of the custom that such bodies are elected by the local members. In England, the Grand Prior has been dismissed and a Procurator has been imposed, again without election. In Rome, the entire council of the Delegation (the body that assembles all the knights of the Roman area) has resigned. This is significant, since these are the members of the Order closest to what is going on in the Grand Magistry, and what they see horrifies them. What the foregoing acts seem to show is a Stalinist purge by the new regime, when they have been in power for less than two months.  (more...)

SMOM conferred honors on Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen. It cooperated in the escape of Nazi war criminals from justice and facilitated their folding into the CIA, Latin American dictatorships, and stay-behind terrorist armies. Now, their slimy guests choose to loot them, just as they have the rest of the world? What kind of mafia of the mediocre would lay down with these dogs? Could they not imagine that they would get up with fleas?


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