Monday, July 8, 2019

False Mystery: The Role Of The Paines In History

"The Assassination & Mrs. Paine" Trailer from max good on Vimeo.
Trailer for the upcoming feature documentary...

"The Assassination and Mrs. Paine" is a provocative portrait of 83-year-old Ruth Paine and her inescapable connection to the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. The film juxtaposes Ruth's personal experience of this tragedy against the wider cultural significance and controversy. Fifty-two years after the assassination, she is one of the few surviving central witnesses and her story offers an intimate window into this foundational event in American history. At the heart of the film are the suspicions and accusations that have long been aimed at Mrs. Paine. As benefactors of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald, Ruth and her former husband, Michael Paine, became prime targets of conspiracy researchers, who view them as agents in a wider plot to frame Oswald. Ruth, in particular, is viewed as complicit in a vast and ongoing cover-up. Today, even as an anonymous resident of a Quaker retirement home in northern California, Ruth is still haunted by researchers and internet commenters who are convinced that she holds a secret to the crime of the century.

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The face of death

Vincent J. Salandria: The Role of the Paines in History from max good on Vimeo.

A 38-minute statement, written and read by Vincent J. Salandria on 4/8/16. Salandria discusses his view of Ruth and Michael Paine and his meeting with Senator Arlen Specter.

The text of the statement can be found here:

Salandria was interviewed for the upcoming feature documentary, "The Assassination and Mrs. Paine"; which is now raising funds for completion. Please donate at the link below if you'd like to see more content like this in the future.


My alma mater may have been a recruiting ground for women like Mrs. Paine, and for men like Lee Harvey Oswald.

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