Monday, July 1, 2019

Hamilton’s landscape of hate: How far-right extremists are finding fertile ground

fascism Nazi eugenics politics violence immigration Canada

He was 12 when two neo-Nazi thugs followed him and his brother into a downtown Hamilton shopping mall and jumped them.

Matthew Green, who is black, shares this Jackson Square incident of more than 20 years ago to show how a pair of goons can do a lot of damage.

"It only took two of them to change the way I felt in my own city," says Green, executive director of the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion and a former city councillor now running federally for the NDP.

He also offers this anecdote in the aftermath of a bigoted, violent protest mounted by Christian extremists, with alt-right companions in tow, that targeted Pride celebrants at Gage Park on June 15.

Drawing from his own experience at Jackson Square, Green speaks with authority when he laments how the LGBTQ+ teens who were exposed to the hatred will remember it for years to come.

"It was a traumatic experience for them. What should have been a celebration has turned into this trauma."

Green and other advocates say the Gage Park violence was just another sign that dangerous right-wing extremists have found fertile ground in Hamilton to organize activities.  (more...)


The Religious Right must be scrutinized very carefully by social conservatives to ferret out infiltrators and provocateurs undermining their position. The conflation of sexual identity with ethnic oppression has been a project of covert eugenicists to neutralize opposition to ethnic cleansing by abortion, contraception, and sterilization. Sterile sex, for such closet Nazis, works just as well as gas chambers. Both the Left and the Right -- socially engineered fictions -- have been co-opted by the plutocratic elite to create a heads-I-win tails-you-lose dynamic that grinds inexorably toward population control. Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen became an Evangelical minister after the war. Think about it.

fascism Nazi eugenics politics violence immigration Canada
The Left oven and...                           the Right oven

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