Thursday, January 24, 2019

Exposed: British racists behind vile secretive neo-Nazi radio station that the Government cannot shut down

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British far-Right extremists are broadcasting vile racist programmes on a sickening neo- Nazi radio station – but Government regulators are powerless to shut it down.

Transmitted from a secret location in the UK, Radio Aryan describes Jews as 'Yidflies', black men as 'negro rapists' and broadcasts daily readings from Hitler's Mein Kampf.

The station's hate-filled shows also attack Muslims and homosexuals and its website carries a sinister picture of Theresa May with a noose around her neck.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has discovered that an ex-City banker and a former British Army officer – both leaders of extreme Right-wing organisations in Britain – are major contributors to the radio station that has been pumping out racist bile 24 hours a day for more than two years.

But astonishingly, broadcasting regulator Ofcom is unable to silence their rants because the programmes are transmitted over the internet and mobile phone apps, which it has no power to police.

MP Stephen Doughty, a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, has demanded action from police and an investigation by counter terrorism officers has been launched. But two years after the station was founded it was still broadcasting its sickening material last night – including disgusting claims that black people 'prefer witchdoctors' over hiring lawyers and pornography is a 'Jewish enterprise' intended to damage non-Jews. (more...)

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