Saturday, January 19, 2019

Michael Coren is no moral leader

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I tweeted last week about a subject on which I’ve kept my mouth shut for years: Michael Coren.

Once a television and radio host with bestselling books on his Catholic faith, Coren was a mainstay in Canadian social conservative circles.

Now, the occasional columnist is an Anglican minister-in-training who reviles the social conservatives whose cheques he used to cash.

Coren went through a spiritual and political conversion about four years ago which, at first, was presented as an evolution from viewing homosexuality and gay marriage as sinful to a belief that the LGBTQ community is to be celebrated.

This rather quickly revealed itself to be a reversal of essentially every position Coren had ever publicly held, from abortion to free speech to economics.

This was chronicled in his book, Epiphany. When it came out, I interviewed him twice—once on a national radio show I was guest hosting, and again on my local show at Coren’s request.

Unlike many conservatives who had little time for him after his conversion, I supported him and defended him for two main reasons.

The first is that I believe anyone has the right to change their mind.

Secondly, I wanted to be forgiving and gracious as my Christian faith compels me to be. Though several actions by Coren have made that a challenging journey.  (more...)

Those were the days:

Do we need to scrutinize the spiritual abuse of young, poorly catechized, and vulnerable Christians by predatory political operators?

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