Saturday, January 19, 2019

Condemning torchlit parades in honour of a Nazi

Nazi accountability crime war military fascism politics Ukraine

For about 200 Canadian military trainers deployed to Ukraine, it is likely that on the first of January they would have witnessed a torchlit procession.

Throughout Kiev and numerous other towns in Western Ukraine, thousands of civilians took to the streets, not to usher in the New Year, but to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of a man named Stepan Bandera.

This was not the first time Ukrainian nationalists marched with torches to celebrate Bandera’s birthday, but it was the first time such a spectacle was an officially sanctioned affair.

On Dec. 28, 2018, Ukraine’s Parliament passed Resolution 9234, which, among several other notable dates, made Jan. 1 a formal holiday in Ukraine.

The city of Lviv, Bandera’s birthplace, went one step further by declaring 2019 to be the ‘Year of Stepan Bandera.’

Ukrainian Independent News Agency described Bandera as “a Ukrainian politician, one of the ideologists and theorists of the Ukrainian nationalists movement in the 20th century.”

Missing from this abbreviated resume is the fact that during the Second World War, Bandera was not only a Nazi collaborator, but also a direct participant in Hitler’s Holocaust.  (more...)


Nazi accountability crime war military fascism politics Ukraine


  1. Oh, but the puppet government installed in Ukraine has always been pro-fascist. Newland and Freeland are very aware of it. Freeland's grandfather did not fight the Nazis, as her bio states, he was one of Bandera's group. We should not expect a condemnation of these developments by those, who set them up, and who have the worship of the national "hero" in their blood.

    1. It's striking how our "progressive" leadership can collaborate with these Nazis. The only progress I see is in the eugenic agenda of abortion, sterilization, contraception and destruction of the family -- progress for the Culture of Death and its merchants.