Friday, January 4, 2019

More from James Grein: McCarrick, St Gallen, Nazi Ratline Fugitives and Luciferians

James Grein, the victim of ExCardinal Theodore McCarrick, explains his recent testimony to Catholic Vatican Officials regarding ex Cardinal McCarrick and further explains McCarrick's connection to St Gallen, Switzerland (Sankt Gallen Mafia) and the plan in Rome with Pope Francis moving forward into 2019.

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This latest interview brings in two important additional elements: 1. St. Gallen is in a German region of Switzerland that quietly received many Nazi fugitives after Germany's defeat. That would connect it to the Nazi flight capital that was covertly deposited in Switzerland at the end of the war. 2. The McCarrick network engaged in Masonic/Luciferian practices, connecting it to the occult aristocracy of Europe and America. That elite had a locus at my college during my time at university in Toronto. It becomes understandable that Grein is fearful of provoking the jackals and will not disclose his full story at this time.


The trouble with Switzerland:

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