Thursday, January 18, 2018

Your Ward News Publishes New Edition, Continues Attacks Against Jews

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Bernie Farber hasn’t held a leadership position in the Jewish community since just before the demise of the Canadian Jewish Congress in 2011, yet he continues to live rent-free in the mind of accused anti-Semitic hatemonger James Sears.

As has often been the case, Farber’s image made another unsolicited appearance in Your Ward News, dressed in a black hat with payot and depicted in a cartoon montage as “an eternal victim,” while addressing Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi in a derogatory manner.

The cartoon is one of several in the Winter 2018 edition of Your Ward News, whose editor in chief, Sears, and publisher, Leroy St. Germaine, were charged in November with promoting hatred of Jews and women.

In the current edition of the free paper, Sears doubles down on a number of anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Its cover features a bottle of Chateau Rothschild wine decorated with a star of David, with the caption, “Essence d’Enfant,” a reference to the historic blood libel that claimed that Jews consumed the blood of gentile children.

And the anti-Semitism doesn’t stop there. In a cartoon speech bubble, Jewish investor George Soros gives Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instructions on advancing a “zio-globalist” plan, with the prime minister responding by saying, “I’ve followed your orders” – suggesting Jewish control over political figures.

“The man (Sears) is just a hatemonger. There’s no other way to describe him,” said Farber. “It’s the kind of things you’d see in Stormfront, the neo-Nazi website in the United States.”  (more...)


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