Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mafia crackdown reveals extent of political, economic corruption

A massive Mafia crackdown in Italy and Germany resulted in more than 160 arrests and the seizure of $60 million as cops unmasked a breathtaking conspiracy with  tentacles that reached into business and government.

The empire controlled everything from bread and wine sales to funeral services, migrant housing and garbage recycling.

Cops say the notorious ’Ndrangheta’s Farao-Marincola clan had a hand in nearly every commercial enterprise in the Calabrian town of Ciro and nearby areas.

The crime group’s grip extended throughout Italy and into Germany to launder its profits.

“They controlled all the economic activity in entire towns,” Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri told a press conference. “It concerned all commercial activity, and obviously political power as well.”  (more...)


But Canada rests easy...

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