Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Peeling back the layers: The Capozzi Cover-up: A Massive Vatican Scandal

Sharing crack pipes?
“Oh I make no excuses. All my life it's been my ambition to surround myself with rare and beautiful things. Suddenly faced with this golden opportunity...”  ~The Lavender Hill Mob
How stupid does the Vatican think we are? The contempt for which they hold the laity knows no bounds. The people of God are treated like ignorant sheep who are on a need to know basis and they need to know nothing.

Silence the sheep.

Spare us the lame and convenient Bergoglian Who Am I to judge narrative. Lest we forget that our weekly parish collection basket helps to pay their rent, their meals, their scarlet birettas, their croziers, their episcopal rings, their cars, their luxury apartments and their parties.

Speaking of parties and luxury apartments, despite the Vatican’s best efforts to muzzle the Vatican Gendarmerie, Italian media and the Curia, the infamous Msgr. Luigi “Cocaine” Capozzi, Secretary to the powerful Cardinal Francesco “Positive Realities of Homosexuals”

Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legal Texts was arrested for hosting a raucous drug fueled homosexual orgy.

This past Spring, late into the night, in an exclusive section of the Holy See, a mere recycle bin’s throw from Casa Santa Marta, the Pope’s residence, a bacchanalia bender played out in a luxury Vatican owned apartment. Outside were parked luxury cars with exclusive CV (Cittá del Vaticano) license plates, upstairs in the apartment a noisy and tempestuous debauchery raged into the night.  The other building residents were disrupted by loud noise, blaring music, and the steady stream of strange males entering Capozzi’s fancy digs.  As Francis reminds Catholics, the earth is heating up, no doubt with the assistance of Capozzi’s flat which boiled over into a hotbed of naked drunken and drugged males.   (more...)

OK, so everyone knows Bella Dodd's story of how commies infiltrated high places everywhere. She's a Catholic celebrity. Now, all we need to do is round up the Reds and send them to Winnipeg, right? Funny thing is, no-one is talking about how the borsch-eaters got into all our institutions. There's an Irish Catholic attorney in the U.S. named John Loftus who figured out exactly that. He was able to search through classified intelligence files and figure out what was actually going on. The commies got in because our freedom-loving geniuses were so scared of them that they massively imported the Nazis to help us fight the cold war. The Vatican was an enthusiastic part of the operation.

Slight problem: By the end of the war, the Nazis were so thoroughly infiltrated by Soviet spies that they were practically under their control. The Americans thought they were clever by infiltrating the Communist Part of America and using it as an intelligence front (Bella Dodd never mentioned this). Thing is, the Americans also invited the Nazis into their intelligence community and... along came the infiltrated Soviets with them. The Vatican pretty much mirrored the Americans in their shenanigans. So, everything that our enemies could dream up to undermine our society got a free pass. Welcome to the party.

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