Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Continuing On: The Nazi in our backyard

John Beattie
In May 1965, I sat in a restaurant on Millwood Drive in Leaside across from the self-proclaimed leader of the Nazi Party of Canada for an awkward interview.

The Toronto Telegram had, in fact, debated whether it would give John Beattie any ink at all. In the end, covering him was unavoidable.

Neo-Nazism was on the rise in the city that spring, and the tall, lanky 23-year-old Beattie was planning a rally in Allan Gardens.

It would be the first of several Allan Garden rallies staged by Beattie and his merry little band of bigots, and would result in a near riot when approximately 4,000 counter demonstrators also turned up.

Beattie later spent six months in prison, convicted of public mischief for painting swastikas on gate posts of prominent Toronto Jewish leaders.

In 2014, that same John Beattie ran for Deputy Reeve of Minden Hills, objecting to the cost of the local water tower. He received 214 out of 4,564 votes.

On that long ago spring morning in a Leaside restaurant, he talked the expected anti-Semitic garbage, including questioning the Holocaust. I probably should have, but didn't, point out to him that a friend’s mother, Mrs. Rosenberg, had a tattoo on her arm from one of the death camps.

He was, and remains, a white supremacist.  That is why he moved to Minden Hills

which is, according Beattie, “98 per cent white. Whiter than the driven snow.”  (more...)


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  1. Will give thoughts on Peterborough commie use of unstable "street people", against Patriot non-show Demo, September 30th. New strategy for around the corner ALL ON DINOSAUR NEWS BROADCAST HOUR OCTOBER 4th. (On " Radio Wehrwolf ")