Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fear the young identitarians: Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Mickey Rooney, abused elder
The late comedian Jerry Lewis once said old people are discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

In congressional testimony at age 92, actor Mickey Rooney explained abusive treatment he received from his stepson, saying “(y)ou can’t believe it’s happening to you.”

“You feel overwhelmed.” He urged Congress to criminalize what’s happening.
“I’m asking you to stop this elderly abuse,” he urged. “I mean stop it now. Not tomorrow. Not next month, but now.” Pass legislation saying “it’s a crime, and we will not allow it in the United States of America.”
Congress failed to act. Elder abuse is rampant. An earlier House Government Reform Committee study found nearly a third of US nursing homes cited for elder abuse – thousands of incidents nationwide over a two-year period alone.

Common problems include untreated bedsores, inadequate medical care, malnutrition, dehydration, preventable accidents, along with inadequate sanitation and hygiene – often jeopardizing the health, welfare and lives of elderly Americans, at times responsible for serious illnesses, injuries or deaths.

The avoidable deaths of eight elderly Hollywood, Florida nursing home residents during Hurricane Irma highlighted the problem – perishing needlessly in sweltering, instead of evacuating them to Memorial Regional Hospital across the street, a criminal act unlikely to be punished.

The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills nursing facility was low-rated because of unsanitary conditions and poor food – besides negligent medical care when vitally needed as now revealed.

Victims ranged from age 71 to 99, perishing after the facility lost power, its management doing little or nothing to protect its residents, either with no plan in case of emergencies or failure to implement one.

They knew the risks to their residents, failed to act responsibly, leading to eight needless deaths, criminal negligence responsible.  (more...)

Where could people possibly get these attitudes?

Apart from the obvious signs of mental illness, our alt-right comrade seems to be suffering from a kind of time warp. The inventors of Cultural Marxism, the name for many of the ills he decries, were not born between 1946 and 1964. Herbert Marcuse, who taught my college don and Angela Davis at Columbia, wasn't even born in the 20th century; he antedates what he thinks is the "Greatest Generation". Gavin can take comfort that there are other young "conservatives", prolife no less, just as stupid as he is.

George Soros a boomer? Nah.

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