Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Black students hindered by academic streaming, suspensions: Report

Black children begin kindergarten with ambition, confidence, excitement to learn,
and high self-esteem, but are "gradually worn down" by the attitudes of teachers
towards them and the education system in general, participants told researchers.
Black children in the GTA may start kindergarten feeling confident and excited to learn, but too many are “gradually worn down” by schools that stream them into applied courses and suspend them at much higher rates than other students, says a new report from York University.

The report found that while academic streaming was supposed to have ended in 1999, black students are twice as likely to be enrolled in applied instead of academic courses compared to their counterparts from other racial backgrounds. And they are more than twice as likely to have been suspended from school at least once during high school.

“Black students face an achievement and opportunity gap in GTA schools,” says the study led by York University professor Carl James.

“All evidence point(s) to the need for action if the decades-old problem is to be addressed.”  (more...)


It sucks to be non-Aryan... in a town of underground Nazis.


  1. Are you an educator? I am. I suspect you are talking about a topic you know absolutely nothing about. I have worked in urban environments, have you? My word, you are a dithering and rabid liberal on every front I can see.
    But don't let your completely erroneous assumptions about the causation of suspensions of black students stop you.
    Why let the truth of situations get in your way. Far easier for liberals to just blame "racism" and virtue signal, than to bother finding out that there are other factors never named. So much easier to just blame teachers or "systemic racism". The problem is avoided and solutions won't be found, but it just feels so good. right?

    1. You obviously don't teach history. Quite possibly, you don't teach. Indoctrinate may be a better term. Or brainwash? Here's a little history that may clarify the origins and persistence of eugenics in our education system: