Saturday, April 8, 2017

Inside the mind of Plymouth's most notorious paedophile

One of Britain's most prolific paedophiles – Plymouth businessman William Goad – stopped attempting suicide in prison after he believed he would be freed six years into his life sentence.

Goad, of Ford Park Road, was jailed for life at Plymouth Crown Court in October 2004 after he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing young boys.

During his sentencing hearing, prosecutor Martin Meeke QC, told the court: "It is believed there has been no single defendant with more victims than this man."

Millionaire Goad was branded a 'voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual paedophile' who had once boasted of beating his own 'record' of abusing 142 boys in a year.

It was believed he had abused young boys over a 40 year period.

In that time he set up and ran the Mount Gould Camping Club, opened the Cornish Market World in St Austell with a business partner, and later opened a children's play zone Ben's Playworld in the same area.

Mr Meeke told the court Goad had 'preferred boys who had blond hair, blue eyes and aged 13-16' but some of his victims could be as young as eight or nine.

"He kept a photo album containing 30 to 40 pictures of his favourite boys posing with clothes on," he said. Some of Goad's victims had told police that he had continued to abuse them for two to three years, some as many as three to four times a week.  (more...)


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