Tuesday, March 14, 2017

‘The rich have the lawyers’: Professional classes 'enabled' Panama Papers tax evasion scandal

A WIDE SUPPORT NETWORK of professional organisations “played a crucial role” in the biggest financial tax evasion scandal in world history, according to MEPs interrogating the circumstances and causes behind the Panama Papers tax scandal.

Institutions of bankers, lawyers and accountants acted as “enablers and promoters of tax avoidance” allowing corporate and financial interests to slash trillions in offshore wealth beyond the fair taxation of national and local governments.

The Panama Papers scandal, which broke in April 2016, was the biggest data leak in the history of journalism and exposed the world's rich and powerful as complicit in a vast offshore secrecy cabal.

Over 11bn files from Panama legal-financial firm Mossack Fonseca exposed global banks, corporations, and political leaders as complicit in a system which hoards at least £13trn of global wealth.  (more...)

I had many dorm mates studying in these fields. Payed off, apparently. Better than engineering and applied sciences.

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