Wednesday, March 8, 2017

School Board Gabfest: Public will have say yada yada yada

Trustees with the York Region District School Board have opted to give the residents of Georgina a chance to decide how they want to fill a seat left vacant by the resignation of Nancy Elgie.

The trustees debated the matter at a board meeting Tuesday night in Aurora, with some saying “democracy is expensive” while others said the “board has spent too much money already.” The candidate will fill the Georgina seat that had been held by Elgie since 2000.

“Let me blunt,” said Markham Trustee Susan Geller. “We as a board have spent enough money . . . on travel and legal fees to get a great candidate for the one-year period.”

Many of the trustees preferred a hybrid option of community consultation with Georgina residents to decide if they prefer an appointment to fill the vacancy versus a costly byelection.

“If we have a roomful of people demanding a byelection, then we will know what residents of Georgina want,” said new chair Loralea Carruthers. (more...)

Will this be anything like sex education consultations?

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