Monday, February 20, 2017

Toronto's Closet Nazis: Police investigating Anti-Semitic incidents at North York condo building

Toronto police are investigating after Anti-Semitic notes were found on the doors of several units at a Willowdale condo building.

Post-it notes bearing a Swastika and reading ‘No Jews’ were found on the front doors of several Jewish residences in the building on Beecroft Road, in the Yonge Street and Park Home Avenue area.

Some of the notes contained Anti-Semitic slurs and some neighbours reported that their mezuzahs – blessings traditionally posted on the doorways of Jewish homes – had been vandalized.

In all, seven residents reported receiving the notes or having the mezuzahs on their doors vandalized.

Speaking with CP24, one resident who came home to find her mezuzah vandalized said she was “shocked.”

“It’s naturally very disturbing,” Helen Chaiton said. “I come from the Holocaust – my parents came to Canada in 1948 after the war. So I’m very familiar with Anti-Semitism and I know historically what ensues.”  (more...)


Recent occurrences in the Greater Toronto Area are revealing a resurgence of a latent toxic subculture that has plagued area communities in the post-war era. I encountered this subculture within weeks of my arrival as a university student in the 1970s, and was repeatedly confronted by it in workplace and social settings in the following years. Toronto has been a destination for many refugees from Axis and collaborationist regimes, and has absorbed many of their associated pathologies. More incredibly, known Nazi war criminals have been allowed entry into Canada in exchange for expertise and anti-communist "intelligence". Those who supposedly know better than us have much to account for in regards to their lawless, immoral, and treasonous actions. Conservatism, in particular, has suffered by the infiltration of toxic agendas and ideologies. Family and life issues have been assiduously undermined by faux conservatives using bait-and-switch tactics to dupe who they consider "useful idiots". As these chameleons become bolder and more brazen, we must use the opportunity to identify them, call them out, and cut them out of our efforts to build a sane society for our posterity. If enough damage is done to our communities, we will have no communities. It is essential that we guard our efforts against sabotage by such rogue elements.

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