Thursday, February 9, 2017

York board investigators ‘overwhelmed’ with complainants

"It takes a village..."
Investigators looking into troubles at the York Region school board are so overwhelmed by the number of people coming forward to talk they are now asking that all further submissions be made via email.

One of the investigators, Patrick Case, tweeted that so many people want to meet with him and fellow investigator Sue Herbert “that we may never finish,” and urged people to send “new comments confidentially” to their email address.

But the move has some parents and staff worried about just how private their complaints will be, as Case and Herbert have warned that written materials could be subject to access to information requests down the road.

Jason Koblovsky, a parent in Georgina, believes that because the potential emails could be made public, it will be a deterrent for many staff and parents to participate.

“I am not sure why people’s email would be open to freedom of information requests,” he said. “It seems like they are trying to warn people off from responding. I think ensuring confidentiality is really important.”   (more...)


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