Sunday, August 23, 2015

Boy’s rape filmed in notorious Dolphin Square

TWO MEN filmed themselves raping a boy in a flat in a notorious complex linked to claims of child abuse by high-profile figures, a former detective says.

A police raid on Dolphin Square in London’s Pimlico area in 1985 uncovered a small-scale film studio in the living room of a first-floor apartment.

Officers were acting on a tip-off that a boy, aged about 11, had been taken into the premises against his will.

A forensic examination came to nothing.

However, a few months later a sickening sex video was seized in the West End in which an officer recognised the flat as the location.

In the 15-minute film, two welldressed men are filmed from the neck down abusing a boy of about 11.

A number of alleged victims have come forward to claim they were taken to flats in the riverside complex in Pimlico and abused by MPs and other members of the Establishment.

One former victim, now in his 40s, says a young boy was strangled to death there.  (more...)

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