Thursday, August 13, 2015

Firing of Toronto Editor Shows Inner Workings of Chinese Media in Canada

The recent firing of the chief editor of a Toronto Chinese-language newspaper seems to indicate that Beijing’s influence over Chinese-language media in Canada is alive and well.

Helen Wang, who on July 17 was fired from her position as chief editor of the Chinese Canadian Post, says she was dismissed due to pressure by the Chinese consulate for running an article critical of Michael Chan, the Ontario cabinet minister cited by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for his close ties to Beijing. The publication denies this.

Wang explains in a statement that her decision to uphold press freedom and independence were met with resistance while working at the newspaper. She says her efforts to balance the paper’s favourable coverage of Chan by publishing an article critical of him was what led to her dismissal.

Chan, Ontario’s minister of citizenship, immigration, and international trade, was the subject of a warning by CSIS to the Ontario provincial government in 2010 regarding his cosy connections with the Chinese consulate.  (more...)

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