Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why are Ontario's Children's Aid Societies fighting against transparency?

The child protection industry in the province of Ontario suffers from many serious issues that adversely affect and often destroy the lives of countless children and families every year.

These issues are often caused by the lack of accountability and/or transparency of Ontario's Children's Aid Societies.

As many are unaware, Children's Aid Societies in the Province of Ontario are not government agencies of any kind but rather are private organizations that are government funded based primarily on the number of children in their care and the number of files open on families.

Unfortunately, this funding model often creates perverse financial incentives for CAS's to apprehend children from loving homes where there is no need of protection and to be involved with families for much longer than necessary for nothing more than to retain funding.

This accompanied with the apparent lack of any accountability or oversight whatsoever, creates massive problems that are ruining the lives of children and families.  (more...)

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