Friday, October 25, 2013

When Frogs Jump

We have all heard the metaphor of the frog in the pot of water -- heard it to death, in fact. Some scientists disapprove, arguing that this metaphor is "untrue": at a certain stage in the gradual rise of the water's temperature, they claim, the frog's heart rate will speed up, and he will actually try to jump out of the pot. Here, however, in defiance of the scientific literalist, the old metaphor reasserts itself in a striking new form that may reveal the means of breaking today's growing progressive tyranny before it has completely eviscerated modern civilization.

What happens if the frogs do indeed realize they are being boiled to death, and start to jump? One or two leaping frogs may be ignored, or isolated as cranks and laughed out of consideration. But what if millions of frogs start jumping? What if they don't stop, even when they realize the walls of the pot are higher than most of them have yet learned how to jump? What if the best-fitting lid is unable to discourage them in their "unrealistic" leaping? What would the cooks of today's Washington political establishment do under such frustrating conditions? We are finding out.  ()more...)

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