Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lawsuit Proceeds for Canada’s Lost Generation of Stolen Babies

The children who were taken from their families during the Sixties Scoop
are known as a hidden generation among those fighting for justice.
A class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government on behalf of tens of thousands of indigenous children who were seized and moved to white families in an adoption wave known as the “Sixties Scoop” can now proceed after being approved by an Ontario judge.

The decision was handed down after several previous lawsuits in Canada failed, and as attention in the U.S. focused on the Baby Veronica custody case.

“[The] harm done was profound and included lasting psychological and emotional damage,” said Justice Edward Belobaba in rejecting the government's arguments and summarizing his rationale for certifying the case, which affects at least 16,000 children in Ontario alone.  (more...)

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