Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Amherst College warns students that alumni are probably rapists

At Amherst College, where students gripe that there isn’t enough communism leftist discourse, a residence hall coordinator warned students to be on the lookout for “unwanted sexual advances” by randy alumni returning to campus over homecoming weekend.

The staffer who sent the email is Dominick Usher, reports Newsweek. Usher sent the memo about potential alumni rapists to dormitory counselors, asking them to “share with all of your residents about how best to have a safe and fun homecoming weekend.”

The rationale for the missive seems to have been the belief that male Amherst alums aren’t able to have sexual relationships or, in fact, score with the ladies beyond the confines of the elite, private, $57,970-a-year school.  (more...)

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