Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An update on the BBC's sexual Krakatoa

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning
This was forwarded from British sources by SamJohnson, our British correspondent:

More mud sticks to the BBC...  
The BBC report this morning (29/10/13) that a BBC Chauffeur has been convicted. (Appears on the front page of the Sun today and is in all newspapers). 
But only last week whilst listening on the early morning listening BBC Radio4 radio an announcer stating that the chauffeur'- CHRIS SMITH was 'unrelated' to the Saville inquiry. (omitting the fact he was also employed by the BBC). I was led to think maybe Saville had employed his own Chauffeur. Not so it seems. 
The BBC is on the defensive (hence David Aronovich stating that it is all a big witchhunt) he of the former BBC, a confirmed Marxist homosexual (and now working for The Times).
I have been looking at the offences that are 'unrelated' to the Saville inquiry and some are very disturbing -  including the the BBC Radio 1 controller himself.  (more...)

More of the quickening trainwreck...

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