Thursday, October 24, 2013

Convicted pedophile writes a tell-all book, but publishers aren’t interested

When police arrested David Goldberg in his N.D.G. home 18 months ago on child pornography charges, his first thoughts weren’t that his days as a baseball coach and community newspaper editor abruptly ended in shame, but rather that he’d like to write a book.

And while serving his 90-day sentence on weekends, he did. Problem is, no publisher as yet wants to touch his tell-all.

But Goldberg, 54, is adamant that he is in a “unique position to help others understand the bewildering life of a pedophile,” as he put it in a first-person article titled “I, Pedophile,” published recently in Atlantic magazine.

Attracted to children since his late teens, Goldberg claims he has never sexually abused a child, even though he was in a classic position to do so for 33 years as coach of boys’ baseball. He says he was an upstanding, respected member of the community, but at night, he spent hours in front of his computer, trolling the dark world of child pornography, followed by a hangover of self-loathing.  (more...)

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