Monday, October 28, 2013

Tough Sentencing for Child Predators

The sexual revolution has placed our children in danger.   According to the Badgeley Report, a federal government study of cross-Canada child sex abuse,  “At some time during their lives, about one in two females and one in three males have been victims of one or more unwanted sexual acts,”.  Child abuse is now at epidemic proportions partly due to the eradication of serious penalties for child sex predators.  Finally, Canada has a government with a resolve to pass tough laws with serious penalties to protect children.  This may be the most important legal development of our lifetime when you consider the damage caused by sex abuse to almost every family in the nation.

Until the 1980's, the Criminal Code of Canada had the death penalty on the books for child rapists. Sentencing laws were gutted and the minimum sentence for raping a child went down to two weeks in prison.  Since then, many serious offenders have been given a light slap on the wrist, only to quickly re-offend raping more and more children.

Hockey coach Graham James received a 3.5 year sentence after admitting to 350 sexual assaults against the two players.  He was released and pardoned only to be charged again with raping three other players hundreds of times. He received just two years for those crimes.  A similar case involving a coach in the United States resulted in a 30 - 60 year sentence.  (more...)

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