Sunday, October 27, 2013

The urgent need to detoxify the Catholic brand from the wickedness of immoral priests and the incompetence of weak bishops

A reader of Protect the Pope has posted a comment that gives a short and very insightful assessment of the pontificates of Blessed John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and the challenges Pope Francis is addressing in his Gospel of Mercy:

Augustine writes:

‘I am sure that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church – and that history will judge that the Church has been served by outstanding Popes over the last 150 years. 
Pope John Paul II’s legacy is breath taking: the new Code of Canon Law, the new Catechism and a series of encyclicals that provides an authoritative hermeneutic for the interpretation of the Documents of the Second Vatican Council. In addition he preached the Gospel to more people than anyone else in history.  (more...)

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  1. .... and from the wickedness of immoral bishops, and the incompetence of weak priests.