Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The numbers haven’t been tabulated – largely because petitions are arriving so fast and they aren’t due for a couple of weeks yet – but organizers of an effort to overturn California’s infamous school-bathroom law say the opposition to the plan is surging.

“We’re having a great response,” said Karen England, one of the principals behind Privacy For All Students, an initiative to overturn a law adopted by majority Democrats in the state legislature that essentially allows public school students to choose their gender. Opponents of the law need about 500,000 petition signatures.

England, who also works with the Capitol Resource Institute, called the surge of activity “unbelievable.”

“I am amazed at the churches that are out there collecting signatures [that] have never done anything like this before,” she told WND.

The churches not only are collecting petition signatures, but there are messages from the pulpits about the dangers of the new law.  (more...)

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