Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Open Letter on Open Government

Dear Premier Wynne,

We were cautiously optimistic to read your open letter to the people of Ontario announcing your Open Government initiative promising "engagement, accessibility and welcoming new ideas."  When your party formed the government ten years ago, the Society for Quality Education contacted the newly appointed Minister of Education to introduce our organization and offer insight and information on quality education practices in order to improve student achievement.   As an education stakeholder, we had always met with every Minister of Education from the David Peterson Liberal government, on through the Bob Rae NDP government, to the Mike Harris PC government -- until the current Liberal government, your government,  took power.   At least when you were Minister of Education we actually got a very nice "thanks, but no thanks, the Minister is too busy" letter from your assistant,  the only response we ever received, and that a year after our first letter to you.

Can you blame us if we are not exactly confident that, via the Open Engagement Team and whatever inevitable website portal through one is supposed to give "feedback" (and to capture an email contact list, no doubt), our "engagement" will actually get to you?  (more...)

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