Monday, April 29, 2024

The War Measures Act and pro-Palestine protesters are about to get an unwelcome introduction


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The colonial empire strikes back. Mass arrests and martial law are now openly being called for by the reactionary Zionist forces in the colonial periphery of Canada and the United States of America, in coordinated fashion with the ramping up of repressive tactics by the state, against pro-Palestine youth.

The Sith lords determined to crush this “unlawful” rebellion are many. They include former Jewish terrorist organisation member Meir Weinstein, who has explicitly called for invocation of the War Measures Act. They include Toronto Sun writer Warren Kinsella, who has echoed Meir Weinstein’s call for the War Measures Act in print. They also include disgraced MP Kevin Vuong, infamous for blaming China for having faced a sexual assault charge, who has used cryptic legalese to justify said War Measures Act invocation. And most notably, they include Liberal MP Marco Mendicino, the one infamous for invoking the Emergencies Act on the ‘Freedom Convoy’.

The reaction by Zionist forces, the measures they’re calling for, and the disturbingly united solidarity with the right wing of the political establishment, particularly in the colonies of the United States and Canada, have given an ominous and impending signal of what’s coming next. In the context of a need to shut down opposition to the NATO ethnic cleansing plan, and in turn, shut down the rapidly growing popularity of Iran (0:00-0:12), the extensive toolkit of political repression has been activated. The renewed brutality of the colonial Canadian regime will test the mettle of the pro-Palestine movement, their commitment, and their readiness.  (more...)

The War Measures Act and pro-Palestine protesters are about to get an unwelcome introduction

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