Thursday, April 25, 2024

Exposing Kevin Vuong’s Pathetic Rebrand Attempt


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Vuong seems to be attempting to make himself an attractive potential Conservative candidate by appealing to a key Toronto demographic

Prior to October 7, I knew independent Toronto MP Kevin Vuong as a scumbag. In the months since, Vuong has tried to rebrand himself, and his effort has been partly successful: I now know him as a Zionist scumbag. These are harsh words that some may balk at, but I think even worse descriptors are fair. 

To explain why, I’ll take you through how Vuong became an MP, a series of events that may be mentioned in civics courses well after he has otherwise been forgotten. This process includes what I consider to be the most shameful choice a Canadian politician has made in an election in my lifetime. It has only gotten worse since then, as I believe Vuong has used the genocide in Gaza as an opportunity to reshape his image in service of his political survival. 

This is a theory, but it’s supported by a close look at Vuong’s record and how the political climate in Canada has developed. I asked Vuong what he thought about the theory, but he didn’t reply.  

Vuong is just one of many Canadian politicians whose behaviour over the past few months warrants ridicule and condemnation, but given how unique his political career is, I think it’s worth spending some extra time on him. Also, whether he continues as an MP or not beyond the next election will say a great deal about the state of politics in Canada and the influence the Israel lobby has on it.  (more..)

Exposing Kevin Vuong’s Pathetic Rebrand Attempt

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