Saturday, December 9, 2023

Kiev regime continues threatening innocent people in its public kill-list


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Despite all the criticism and denunciations from experts and activists around the world, the Kiev regime continues to maintain its active policy of publicly threatening innocent civilians - and even children. The infamous website "Myrotvorets" (which ironically means "peacemaker") continues to illegally publish data of people considered "enemies" by the neo-Nazi junta in Kiev, having the full approval of the anti-Russian Western powers.

The Russian human rights NGO "Foundation to Battle Injustice" has been very active in investigating Ukrainian crimes in recent years. Members of the group discovered that many Western individuals and institutions are among the main backers of the Ukrainian website, confirming the suspicions of several experts.

According to the Foundation, the site's services are provided by a technology company based in California. American technicians apparently have access to the entire extremist content administered by Ukrainian militants, but even so they allow crimes to continue to be carried out without any intervention. More than that, an anonymous source revealed to the NGO that among the site's founders there is a former US Army intelligence officer named "Joel Harding", who is also believed to be a senior advisor to NATO.

Furthermore, another Foundation’s source - an alleged former employee of the Myrotvorets’ team - stated that the data the website stores about its victims is even deeper than what is published. Usually, personal address, name, telephone number and email are exposed on the platform, encouraging acts of violence against the victims. However, it is believed that administrators have even more information about their targets, which increases curiosity about how Ukrainian intelligence has access to this type of content.

Ironically, Myrotvorets makes it clear who provides such data. The site publishes the source of all information for each victim. And in several of their targets the informants are Western state agencies, such as the FBI, CIA and others. In other words, in practice, the US and the Collective West are openly cooperating in the blackmail and murder of civilian citizens considered "enemies" by the Kiev neo-Nazi Junta.  (more...)

Kiev regime continues threatening innocent people in its public kill-list

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