Wednesday, December 13, 2023

War to ‘punish rapists’ only hurts more women


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Melanie Joly’s “believe Israeli women” post is actually a justification to slaughter more Palestinian women. But it’s not the first time Canada’s foreign minister has hyped rape allegations to enable violence.

By any criteria, Israel has unleashed sheer horror against the women of Gaza. Over 5,000 have been killed and 20,000 injured. Another 4,000 Palestinian girls have been killed and nearly a million women and girls have been displaced. There are horrific reports about Israeli snipers shooting pregnant women.

To justify its stunning level of violence, the Israeli propaganda machine recently began hyping claims about rape during Hamas’ October 7 incursion into Israel. On Thursday Joly joined the fray. On X Canada’s foreign minister posted, “Using sexual violence as a tactic of war is a crime. We strongly condemn SGBV [sexual based violence], including rape, perpetrated by Hamas against women in Israel on October 7. We believe Israeli women. Canada will always stand against SGBV and advocate for justice for all victims.”

Joly’s post received significant media attention and it was followed up by former Conservative minister Lisa Raitt, Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo and Ontario Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne holding a press conference to support Israel’s “Believe All Women” campaign. The former Canadian politicians asked Ottawa to commit $1 million to Israel’s investigations into Hamas’ sexual violence.

(To illustrate Canada’s hypocrisy about “believing” women, when a Lancet study revealed extremely high levels of sexual violence after the 2004 Canadian-backed coup in Haiti the researcher was vilified and the allegations diminished. After a 2019 CBC investigation detailed at least six Canadians with the international mission in Haiti who engaged in sexual misconduct then Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the criminal code should be modified to allow Canadians on UN missions to be prosecuted. But, four years later no new legislation has been announced.)  (more...)

War to ‘punish rapists’ only hurts more women

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