Friday, February 17, 2023

Hitlers Real Gold Story - Trading With the Enemy


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Since the second world war we have been talking of the horrors of war, the battles, tanks, the men and machines. But none of it could have happened if not for the international industrialists, bankers and law-firms and banking cartels. 

In this very special episode I will go over all these details and cover who these people were, where did what Gold come from and where did it go. The bank of international settlements,, Sullivan and Cromwell, Allan Dulles, Hjalmar Schacht, Martin Bormann, Hitlers personal secretary and his Gold and stolen art deals.

And where did it all go after the war, and what happened to the businesses, industrialists and bankers. Who paid for it all and who did not.  

I will cover some of the controversies that came from the Nuremberg trials, and lead us into the lessons we failed to learn and on to the new global organizations which seems funded and created similarly to the national socialists.

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