Saturday, February 11, 2023

Amidst hysteria, calling for peace is hate; more war is peace


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Apparently discussing the “path to peace” in Ukraine is hateful. After trying to ban a talk questioning Canada’s role in the NATO proxy war a Ukrainian student group smeared it.

Two weeks ago, I spoke with Tamara Lorincz and Miguel Figueroa at a Carleton University event titled “The War in Ukraine: What is the Path to Peace?” The Carleton Ukrainian Students’ Club sought to have the Ottawa Peace Council event canceled. After failing they released a statement claiming Ukrainians on campus faced hate, which they linked to the talk. In response the student paper published “Carleton student groups address anti-Ukrainian hate on campus” and CBC Ottawa published “Anti-Ukrainian vandalism, harassment rising at Canadian universities, students say”.

The Carleton campaign follows a similar effort at the University of Victoria. The Ukrainian Students’ Society accused the Young Communist League (YCL) of hate. The media has echoed the campaign with recent articles headlined: “UVic launches investigation into alleged anti-Ukrainian harassment on campus” (CTV Vancouver Island); “Ukrainian students at UVic ask for security after harassment” (Times Colonist),;“Ukrainian students say so far, UVic probe into harassment allegations hasn’t involved them” (CHEK News); “Concern over ‘anti-Ukrainian hatred’ on Canadian campuses” (Times of Higher Education).

Notwithstanding the claims, there’s likely never been greater sympathy for Ukrainian Canadians, a community that’s faced its share of discrimination, including large-scale internment during and after World War I. Because the Ukrainian student groups attacks are meant promote NATO’s proxy war the media happily echo them.  (more...)

Amidst hysteria, calling for peace is hate; more war is peace

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