Monday, May 16, 2022

When Support for Violence Overseas Comes Home!


Azov Ukraine Nazi ethnic cleansing genocide Donbas mass shooter white supremacy eugenics population control proxy war Buffalo New York crime hate racism violence Banderites Bandera OUN-B

Independent U.S. Senate candidate in New York, Diane Sare, has pointed to the "black sun" insignia worn by the man arrested in the Buffalo, N.Y. mass shooting as the same as seen in photos of the neo-Nazi Avov militia fighters in Ukraine.  She charges that the refusal by U.S. officials to condemn the racist fighters in the Azov regiment, while pouring tens of billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, some of which end up in their hands, is a sign of madness, adding that "it should not be a surprise when American citizens go mad", such as in the case of the Buffalo shooter.  She has called for American citizens to demand that Congress "stop logistical and military support" of the Ukrainian regime, which is being armed to fight a proxy war against Russia.

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