Sunday, May 29, 2022

CSIS and the Round Table Origins of the Five Eyes


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This month the Task Force on National Security at the University of Ottawa published a white paper which lays out a plan for a major re-organization of Canada’s intelligence agencies to better deal with the “intense global instability when the security of Canada and other liberal democracies is under growing threat.”

Upon looking at those who participated in the crafting of this “discussion” paper, which includes several former CSIS directors, advisors to Prime Ministers and high level civil servants, it can quickly be seen that this is no benign academic exercise, but represents a top-down policy intention. The authors of the report reference the changes to Canada’s security architecture based upon the threat of Russian aggression, Chinese subversion to the western order, domestic terrorism with a focus on the “loss of confidence in government resulting in the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

The prescriptions call for obvious expansions of the authority of Canada’s primary intelligence agency (CSIS), and greater coordination with the international Five Eyes with a focus on the guiding framework of the July 2, 2021 UK white paper ‘Global Britain in a Competitive Age’.

Before deciding whether or not CSIS powers or the Five Eyes should be expanded within the context of the global instability now unfolding, it is worth asking ‘What is the Canadian Communication Security Establishment exactly, and from where did the Five Eyes arise over the course of the previous century?”

To properly answer this with a full appreciation into the historic forces at play, it is vital to jump back in time to the founder of the Rhodes Scholar program that birthed the Chrystia Freeland phenomenon in our modern age (Freeland after all a leading Rhodes Scholar and it would do us well to fully understand what that means). This exercise will take us to Cecil Rhodes, Governor of Rhodesia, father of systemic colonial rape of Africa and all around degenerate.  (more...)

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