Sunday, May 15, 2022

Justin Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy


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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a surprise visit to Kiev this week. Given that the threat level in the city has been reduced to the point where U2’s Bono can now play an impromptu concert, the real surprise is that Trudeau was photographed without his face mask, which has been nearly omnipresent when he’s on Canadian soil. 

Trudeau’s mask-wearing serves mainly as propaganda in an ongoing attempt to justify his vaccine mandates to Canadians. Required for citizens to board an airplane or train within their own country, the mandates effectively keep many stuck at home and unable to travel, but also can prevent them from working, as being fully jabbed is a condition of employment in some cases. 

While almost 82% of Canadians are double-jabbed, only 35% of Ukrainians had received two doses of an anti-Covid vaccine around the time the conflict broke out on February 24, according to Time Magazine. And yet Trudeau was traipsing around Kiev mask-free in a recent conflict zone while he insisted on hiding from Canadian truckers and their Freedom Convoy supporters when they convened on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill earlier this year.  (more...)

Justin Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy

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  1. I wonder what Mr. Trudeau is doing about the Canadian Commander who was captured in Ukraine; who was training neo Nazis, who 'volunteered' to fight in Ukraine after he 'retired' subsequent to an on-going investigation for (historical??) sexual abuse. Funny we hear nothing about him and his altruistic volunteering for Ukraine after having been retired from commanding forces here.