Monday, May 23, 2022

The German Paedo-Files


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Marco and Sven were put into the care of a convicted paedophile in Berlin in the 1980s. They unwittingly became part of a social experiment by psychology professor Helmut Kentler, who believed sexual contact between grown men and children was harmless. The two boys survived years of sexual abuse, as Berlin authorities condoned Kentler’s scheme for decades. RT Documentary speaks to Marco and Sven about life with a paedophile foster father and the trauma he inflicted on them.

00:00 - Helmut Kentler’s paedophilia experiment

1:50 - Marco and Sven, adopted by paedophile foster father

3:49 - ‘A natural pedagogical talent’

6:00 - When Marco and Sven realised their life wasn’t normal

6:55 - The role of the SPD ruling party in the experiment

8:20 - Those responsible still hold their positions

11:20 - The Berlin Senate’s response to RT

11:51 - Living with childhood trauma

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