Thursday, May 19, 2022

Shots, lies and videotape


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A brief snippet of video aired by the CBC last month, seemingly as an afterthought, only bolsters the case that the Mass Casualty Commission and the RCMP have been playing serious games with evidence.

    First aired in a report by Kayla Hounsell on the April 14 edition of The National and rebroadcast the following day, her story focuses on the inquiry testimony of Constables Craig Hubley and Ben MacLeod who — at least according to the official story — found themselves gassing up next to Nova Scotia’s most wanted man “completely by chance” on the morning of April 19, 2020.

 In Hounsell’s story, viewers hear a clip from Hubley’s inquiry testimony, describing how he had closely studied a photograph of Gabriel Wortman that morning and committed it to memory.

   “It would turn out to be very important. Critical,” Hounsell intones.

   “Hubley and his colleague ran into the gunman at a gas station, completely by chance.”

At this point, viewers are treated to a 3.5 second clip of an unmarked RCMP vehicle whizzing by several empty gasoline bays and pulling up right next to Wortman, who was sitting at the pump in his final murder victim’s grey Mazda 3, a vehicle police supposedly didn’t know he was driving.

   Hounsell makes no comment in her report about the video or its origins. This, despite the fact that the words we’re hearing and the pictures we’re seeing are so mismatched that using the theme from Benny Hill as background music would have been only marginally more off-putting.

   A retired firefighter who had the presence of mind to record the CBC National broadcast and contact Frank agrees.

   “The first time I saw that CBC story, I recognized that there was something wrong because the video didn’t fit with the evidence,” he says.

   “It was only a few seconds but as soon as I saw it I realized that it told a completely different story than the one the public was getting from the MCC and (Serious Incident Response Team). Thank God, I recorded it because I couldn’t find it again on the CBC website… My wife and I went looking for it and found it on YouTube.”  (more...)

Shots, lies and videotape

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