Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Harper pushed conflict with Russia long before invasion


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Stephen Harper recently joined the chorus ratcheting up tensions with Russia. Paradoxically, the former prime minister’s crass distortion of his relationship with that country offers a sort of roadmap for antiwar forces to restrict further escalation and force Ottawa towards diplomacy.

At a public talk Harper portrayed his government as having sought good relations with Russia.

The former Conservative leader said the west tried to “embrace Russia, to include Russia, to make Vladimir Putin … a major player in our alliance.” But, claimed Harper, Putin “decided he did not want to be that. He decided he would rather be an enemy of freedom and democracy and a rival to the western world when he had every chance to do it otherwise.”

Utter nonsense. Before Russia’s conflict with Georgia or annexation of Crimea Harper was targeting Moscow. Prior to becoming PM, he supported NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia and “coloured” revolutions in eastern Europe partly designed to diminish Russia’s influence.  (more...)

Harper pushed conflict with Russia long before invasion

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